Welcome to Bemer Petroleum

Inspired by our 57 years of history, our staff of 50 people today serve over 12,000 customers.

We believe that there are wonderful opportunities to serve new customers within our current distribution area and we are committed to serving our existing market rather than place our service standards at risk through rapid expansion.

“WHATEVER IT TAKES” is an accurate description of the management style at Bemers. Key company managers have been working in the Industrial and Residential Gas business for most of their professional lives.

Bemers Customer Service Department takes the hand-off from the Sales Department to be sure that the first delivery is made as promised and that every delivery thereafter arrives at the right time.

Our commercial and industrial customers are provided with free safety classes on how to store, handle and use our various products. We also take a proactive stance in regard to compliance with local and state fire codes and will perform safety audits at customers’ facilities in order to insure compliance and avoidance of expensive fines from any violations.

Other business channels include compressed gases like oxygen for medical facilities, nitrogen and carbon dioxide for food and beverage applications as well as specialty gases for laboratories. Our industrial gases such as oxygen and acetylene are used in hundreds of fabrication and auto body shops throughout the area. In our Glastonbury showroom, we also stock a full assortment of hard goods including welding equipment.

Pay Online

Customers can now pay their invoices online via our secure payment portal.